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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does a funeral cost?

Cost is based on the specific request of what a family wants. Options include such choices as traditional funeral services, memorial services, graveside services, church services, private family services or cremation options. Charges for the merchandise selected and the necessary cash advance items for the services you choose can vary greatly.


The general price list shows all of the different service options that a family has to choose from. Once we know exactly what you want we can itemize out the pricing according to the prices on the general price list

  • Merchandise cost varies according to merchandise selected. At our funeral home we have many caskets on display, several vaults on display, cremation containers, many urns and numerous individual personal items like cremation jewelry, guest books, memorial folders and clothing. We also have numerous assortments (thousands) of readily available merchandise items available to you at your discretion.
  • Cash advances are third party charges that include such things as opening of the grave charges, cremation charges, newspaper notices, death certificates, clergy and permits. All charges for these items vary depending on which church, cemetery, newspapers etc. you wish to use. At Stetson’s Funeral Home we can advise you of specific charges associated with churches, cemeteries, newspapers, etc.

Why is having a funeral important?

Funerals are for the living, for those who will suffer the grief and pain of losing a loved one. We celebrate the deceased’s life not because they have died, but because they have lived. We look to the importance of the funeral ritual to help us define ourselves as a grieving individual, as a family and as a society.  Learn more.

What is cremation?

Cremation is an irreversible process where the deceased’s body is placed in a chamber and turned into cremated remains (ashes).  In Maine, funeral homes are not allowed to own or operate crematories. Crematories must be located in an operating cemetery. State law requires that the body be held for 48 hours before cremation. The body is held in a secure location at the funeral home. Learn more.

What are the types of services Stetson’s Funeral Home Offers?

  • Traditional Funeral Services: The body is present at the funeral service and the casket may be either opened or closed. The family may have private or public visiting hours depending on their wishes and those of the deceased. Learn more.
  • Memorial Services: Viewing or services in which the body is not present. In some cases, the urn is present with the cremated remains inside.
  • Committal Services: Final closure of the funeral service, usually held at the graveside.
  • Graveside Services: The gathering at the graveside with either a casket or urn present.

What is embalming?

Embalming is the preservation and restoration of the deceased’s body. Embalming allows the body to be held for an extended period of time for things such as funeral services, transportation of remains, etc.

Is embalming necessary?

Embalming may be necessary if the family chooses public visitation and viewing.  It is also done if the body needs to be shipped or stored for the winter.

How soon should I have services after the death occurs?

Generally, most services occur within a 3 to 5 day period after the death occurs. However, funeral services can occur sooner depending on a family’s need to return to work quickly or later depending on a family’s need to accommodate friends and family who need to travel.

Will the Funeral Home help me with paperwork?

Yes, Stetson’s Funeral Home will help with all forms of paperwork including, but not limited to death certificates, social security, VA paperwork, and life insurance paperwork.

Should I pre-plan my funeral?

Many people today make their own prearrangements. This can be done in a very simple format or thoroughly detailed, whichever is your preference. It is always advisable to encourage family participation at this time as the decisions and options that you are choosing for yourself will undoubtedly affect those whom survive you. The prearrangement will give you time to think and plan, under relaxed circumstances. It is truly an expression of love for those you will someday leave behind. Many of us try to make it easier for our survivors by planning for major events in our lifetime like births, weddings, retirement, so why shouldn’t we make it easier for the entire family by planning our final services.

You can discuss details such as where you want your funeral, options of burial or cremation, what type of casket your want, choices of cemetery lots, music, flowers, and any other details you want to arrange. You can ask as many questions as you want and explore all the various options open to you with us at Stetson’s Funeral Home.

Should I pre-pay my funeral?

You may choose to pre-pay or pre-finance your arrangements through a lump sum payment or installment payments.  The advantage of paying the entire amount upfront is that you are paying for your funeral at today’s cost and your family would not be asked to pay any additional funds at the time of death.  Installment payments allow you the option of paying over  time and the prices will become guaranteed once the current prices are paid in full.

*Some information obtained from Consumer’s Guide to Funeral Service, by Maine Cemetery Association and Maine Funeral Director’s Association.

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