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Betty Jean Scarponi

July 7, 1932 - October 15, 2020
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Betty Jean Scarponi, age 88, died Thursday, October 15th. Born July 7, 1932 to Carroll McFadden and Mary Chase. She has one brother, Michael McFadden. She grew up in Lewiston on Fairlawn Avenue. Betty was president of her high school class. She successfully attended Registered Nurse School at Central Maine Medical Center. She was president of her nursing school class. During nursing school, she met and married David Roger Scarponi who was stationed at the Brunswick Naval Air Station around 1952. They were married in October of 1953 for over 50 years, until his death in May of 2010.Together they have 3 children—Kent, Kurt and Kitt. Betty had a total of 6 grandchildren: Kira and Kayla (Kurt's) Keaton and Kory (Kent's) and Konnor and Kassidy (Kitt's).

She and David started their family in a small trailer park in Lewiston. David was in the Navy and worked on the P-3 aircraft as a structural engineer. They soon moved to Brunswick when they purchased the 10 site Linnhaven Trailer Park. They grew a family and a business together for the next 60 years. They both liked to travel with each other. They both worked together to win David’s election as the first chairman of The Brunswick town council, where he served the town for 13 years.

She devoted her life to her children and grandchildren. They each have names starting with a K. She was the "Go To” person for the each Scarponi. She never said no to any of us and always put each of us first.

She was very devoted to Jesus, god, and the holy spirit. She attended many churches and groups in search of the perfect situation for her. She studied the bible for many years. She even had what we all called a bible room where she prayed, and all her research material was kept. She would have many people call her and they would always ask her questions about god and asked her to pray for them. She enjoyed singing in the choir for many years.

She had a unique and strong calmness and confidence that was contagious. She used to regularly cook us all lunch and dinner while we were working at the business. She felt it was important to help keep us all healthy and a family.

She loved to learn and enjoyed reading. She especially loved to travel with her friends on several different trips all over the world.

In 2010 her husband suddenly lost his life to pancreatitis. Soon after, the family started to notice signs of forgetfulness and struggling with many of the challenges she used to conquer with ease. Eventually around 2013 she was diagnosed with dementia.

Over the next several years she fought the disease every day. She loved being with her family. She loved her home. She was able to stay in her up until the last year of her fight. She was dedicated to the business and our many residents. Even near the end she would try to answer the phone and help. She kept track of all the calls on our answering machine and always wanted to know that each one was taken care of. If someone called and left a voice mail on the answering machine, she would hear it and would not let it go until Kurt or I said they were all set.

We are all sad and devastated to see her leave us, but we are all happy she is going where she always wanted to go, and her suffering is over. She would always say to me, "I’m not afraid to die when the time comes, heaven is a beautiful place filled with joy and happiness”

Although she has gone to a better place, she leaves behind parts of herself in each of us. She lives every day in each of us. She gave each of us unique strengths and meanings.

A private service will be held. Arrangements are by Stetson’s Funeral Home, 12 Federal Street, Brunswick where memorial condolences may be expressed at