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Our unique, Seven-Star Process gives you complete assurance that your loved one is treated with the utmost respect and that the cremains returned to you are, with certainty, those of the deceased.  You expect this from our Funeral  Home and the faith we have in our system will give you the peace of mind that everything was handled with total surety.


7 Star Process


We are a locally owned and operated Funeral Home. This means that we respect your needs. When your loved one dies, you tell us when you want us to arrive and remove him or her. If you need time, take it. We never rush you or tell you when the removal must occur. Likewise, since we operate in the local area, we are able to respond to your requests immediately. We never make you wait three to four hours for us to come.   And when we arrive, we use our removal vehicle for your loved one only. We never have 2 or three other remains stacked up in the car.


Maine law requires your loved one to remain with us for 48 hours before the cremation occurs. Rest assured, this is done at our funeral home in a locked and alarmed location. We never deliver your loved one to be stored at the crematory or at another location.


Our Funeral Home assures the identity of your loved one in several ways. By using nurses and staff at the hospital or nursing home, or wrist band i.d. bracelets, you have certainty that your loved one has been properly identified. If you wish, we even allow you or a family friend to positively identify him or her before the cremation.


We perform a simple sanitization process and then dress your loved one with clothes you provide before he or she leaves the funeral home. We would never let anyone leave our establishment in a body bag and unclothed.


We use a crematory that follows a foolproof procedure so that the cremains that are returned to us are, with surety, the remains of your loved one. A unique number is assigned to your loved one and placed both on a metal disk and on all the paperwork and log books. The disk is cremated with him or her and returned to us with the cremains. We match the disk number with the paperwork, which guarantees the identity of your loved ones cremains.


We personally transfer the cremains into the urn you select and label the urn with your loved ones name. We never allow the crematory or a third party to transfer cremains. And, we return cremains to you in a timely fashion..we never make you wait weeks for cremains.


We present you the urn in a professional manner and never have it left in an open cabinet or stacked in a utility closet. If you need us to hold the cremains, we do that without charge in a locked and alarmed location.