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Why Celebrate a Life?

The Celebration of Life:

Helps us acknowledge the reality of the death

Gives testimony to the life of the person who died

Encourages the expression of grief in a way consistent with the culture’s values

Provides support to mourners

Allows for the embracing of faith and beliefs about life and death

Offers continuity and hope for the living


The Celebration of Life Experience Helps Meet Grievers’ Mourning Needs

Acknowledge the Reality of Death:
We acknowledge the death with our minds, which is called a "head understanding" of death. Because of the Celebration of Life Experience, we begin the process of acknowledging the reality of death in our hearts.

Move Toward the Pain of Loss: 
The Celebration of Life provides us with an accepted venue to express our painful thoughts and feelings, an important step in healthy grief.

Remembering the Person Who Died:
The Celebration of Life Experience forces us to begin a shift in our relationship with the person who died. We move from a relationship that is one of physical presence to one that is of memory. A well-done eulogy at the service helps to prompt intimate and individualized memories.

Develop a New Self-identity:
When our loved one dies, we are no longer a mother, father, husband, wife, etc. Our self-identity changes and the funeral experience provides a social venue for public acknowledgment of our new roles. When there is no Celebration of Life, friends do not know how to relate to the person whose identity has changed, and that person may become socially abandoned.

Search for Meaning:
Why did she die? Why now? Why this way? Why does it hurt so much? What happens after death? The Celebration of Life Experience provides us an opportunity to explore these questions. To heal in grief, these questions must be addressed before we can ask the big question, "How will we go on living?"

Receive Ongoing Support From Others:
The Celebration of Life makes the social statement: "Come and support me." It allows us to embrace, touch and comfort, especially when words are inadequate. They provide a central gathering place for all mourners, letting everyone else know they are not alone in their grief. Unfortunately, those who have no Celebration of Life are saying, "Don’t come and support me."

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